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Posted on July 05, 2017

Energy harvesting smart street in London

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The world's first 'Smart Street' officially opened in London on Thursday on Bird Street, nestled in the heart of the West End. Bird Street has been transformed from a previously underutilised outdoor space located off Oxford Street, to a haven of calm where visitors can relax and enjoy an innovative shopping experience, showcasing the future of the high street.
Visitors will be able to enjoy a traffic-free shopping and dining experience in an environment showcasing the latest in sustainable technologies. Bird Street are partnering with a host of tech visionaries including Pavegen who manufactures an award-winning electricity and data generating flooring technology.
The UK company, based in King's Cross and Cambridge, has installed a 10-square metre array which will initially power lights and bird sounds, and also provide an energy data feed. The energy harvesting walkway will also incorporate Bluetooth Low-Energy transmitters which will enable it to interact with branded apps - for example rewarding users with discounts, vouchers and education resources for their steps on the Pavegen system.
Joining Pavegen at Bird Street will be Airlabs' ClearAir bench which removes nitrogen dioxide to create a zone of clean air. Also featured is coatings company Airlite who have created a paint which purifies the air from NOx gasses and bacteria. With the integration of these innovative technologies, Bird Street demonstrates the potential for more sustainable destinations in busy urban environments.
Triboelectric Energy Harvesting (TENG) 2017-2027
The transformation of the environment at Bird Street, London W1 using design and sustainable technologies.
Laurence Kemball-Cook, 31, CEO and founder of Pavegen says: "With installations in Washington DC and at vital transport hubs including Heathrow, being able to demonstrate how our technology can bring to life the retail shopping experience is a vital step for us. As retailers compete with online, technologies like ours make being in the busy high street more exciting and rewarding for people and brands alike."
Source and top image: Pavegen
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