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IDTechEx Energy Harvesting, IoT and WSN Awards Presented in Berlin

ZoomIDTechEx Energy Harvesting, IoT and WSN Awards Presented in Berlin
Best Technical Development of an Energy Harvesting Device
In the "Best Technical Development of Energy Harvesting Device" category, the winner was
×Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments
is presenting at
Wearable Technology LIVE! USA 2014
Santa Clara, CA, USA
19 - 20 Nov 2014
Texas Instruments and their Ultra-Low Power Energy Harvesting and Power Management IC - BQ25505.
Niranjan Pathare, Texas Instruments
ZoomIDTechEx Energy Harvesting, IoT and WSN Awards Presented in Berlin
Dr Kai Koenig with ABB who was part of the panel of judges said about the device: "I see the IC described as one of the most advanced chips of its kind on the market, with very good flexibility of use, and as a significant step ahead of the previous state of the art in the field of low-power DC-DC converters and power management chips. While there are no end products yet, the use of this product in ongoing end product developments is demonstrated".
Best Application of Energy Harvesting
The winner in this category was Research Frontiers Inc and their SPD-SmartGlass Smart Windows, based on suspended particle display technology. According to the judges, this submission demonstrated a very strong commercial success of a sound technical solution, and good potential for more. Although slightly on the edge of what is commonly considered energy harvesting, it met the criteria used by IDTechEx and was ranked first in this category.
Joe Harary, Research Frontiers
ZoomIDTechEx Energy Harvesting, IoT and WSN Awards Presented in Berlin
Best Application of WSN/IOT
In the best application for WSN/IoT category, the winner was WebNMS, a division of Zoho Corporation, for their M2M Application Platform. Accompanying the submission was a list of eight implementations of WSN systems based on the M2M platform that documented very well the benefits to the user. These cases were very convincing for the judges who decided to give the award to WebNMS.
Sudhakar Marthi, WebNMS
ZoomIDTechEx Energy Harvesting, IoT and WSN Awards Presented in Berlin
Best Poster on Energy Harvesting, WSN & IoT
Finally, the best poster award was given to Paul Durand-Estebe and Vincent Boitier from LAAS-CNRS for their work on the development of a Photovoltaic Power Supply for an Airliner Wireless Sensor Network, integrated onto the wing of an aircraft.
Submissions are now being accepted for the next Energy Harvesting WSN and IoT awards, which will be held on 19-20 November in Santa Clara, during Energy Harvesting, WSN & IoT USA 2014. For more information, please contact Corinne Jennings at or External Link


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Dr Harry Zervos

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