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Rider powered motor cycle safety alarm

ZoomRider powered motor cycle safety alarm
Designers Foroud Azimi and Patricia Tait have created a concept device to enhance the safety of motorcycle drivers. Dubbed the Moto Mate, the self powered device sounds an alarm and triggers flashing lights to direct help to riders who have been in an accident.
This device is powered by the rider's natural head movements while riding the motorcycle. The device is attached to a backpack worn by the rider, and connected to the back of the biker's helmet.
ZoomRider powered motor cycle safety alarm
In the event of an accident, the alarm and flashing lights are automatically activated by the sudden jerking of the rider's head. With this alarm system unconscious motorcyclists and those who are unable to move out of dense vegetation can be located and rescued.
ZoomRider powered motor cycle safety alarm
The device also includes a kill switch that attaches to seat of bike and engages when the rider is thrown from the motorcycle.
Source and images: Foroud Azimi