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Press Release
Posted on February 13, 2012

Energy Harvesting Network annual one-day event

Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2017-2027
The Energy Harvesting Network will hold its annual one-day dissemination event on 28th March 2012 at Hamilton House, London. This event will provide a platform for disseminating energy-harvesting advances in the UK, and contain presentations from well-respected speakers from academia and industry, demonstrations from companies, and posters from postgraduate students. Confirmed speakers include Prof Peter Woias (IMTEK, Germany), Frank Schmidt (CTO Enocean), Prof Vittorio Ferrari (University of Brescia, Italy), Roy Freeland (Perpetuum) and Prof Eric Yeatman (Imperial College, London). We expect 100 to 150 participants from industry and academia, and early registration is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Registration costs £50 (£25 for academics).
For further information, including the full agenda and instructions on how to register, please visit