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Harnessing wind energy from traffic

ZoomHarnessing wind energy from traffic
Portuguese designer Luis Castanheira Santos has created the "Voltair" concept - a vertical turbine that harnesses the energy generated by moving vehicles to produce electricity.
ZoomHarnessing wind energy from traffic
The Voltair turbines are of a flexible, modular design to enable them to be installed at desirable locations including suburban motorways, railways or highways. The energy harvested from the Voltair turbines could be used to power gas stations, toll booths, lighting and road signs making them self-sufficient.
ZoomHarnessing wind energy from traffic
According to the designer the turbines can be installed beside roads and railways and initially have been trialled on top of road barriers in New Jersey that divide the directions of traffic lanes.
ZoomHarnessing wind energy from traffic
The giant automotive companies with electric vehilce interests and those doing energy harvesting for them such as Asola and Levant Power Corporation, take a global view. For example, GM has its Adam Opel and other subsidiaries across the world and Tata of India has Tata Motors Europe and other subsidaairies across the world promoting its electric vehicles. Now smaller automotive companies such as Tara International, Tesla Motors, Peraves, Bluebird Automotive, eCRP and Alke' are also expanding globally with electric vehicles. A similar thing is happening with aerospace companies involved in electric aircraft such as EADS and boat companies, even small ones such as Kopf Solarschiff.
Credit and images: Design Buzz